2016 FBI Cyber Crime Report

If you're over 60, then 55,043 of your fellows were victims of cybercrime during 2016 -- to the tune of $339,474,918 dollars. It's not if you will be attacked. It's when you will discover you were.

Report Chart

And every day, somebody questions why we continue to warn of attacks and post our alerts.

FBI Report Giving someone access to your computer is like giving out a key to your front door. A computer can have your bank account information, family photos, and other private documents and data—information that fraudsters would like to steal.

That’s why tech support fraud has become a significant trend in online crime, according to the 2016 Internet Crime Report from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).


All you doubters and hecklers out there, don't take our word for it -- go read it yourself.
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